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Description of cooperation

You can get access to my trading strategies by following my program of individual consultations. In my course, you’ll learn every detail of how my trading strategies work. And what’s more, you’ll get all the tools and tips on how to create such trading strategies all by yourself.

I do not take an advance payment for my consultations. You only pay if you are satisfied with the information you got. If you don’t like the consultation, you don’t have to pay anything. In addition, I always give a FREE introductory consultation, where I reveal the grail of our trading, tell you briefly what will happen in the rest of the course and answer your questions.

To book the introductory consultation, write me a message on my Facebook page, contact form on the site, WhatsApp or Skype.

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Calculation of profitability of the strategies with real account statistics.

An easy start for inexperienced beginners: arbitrage trading may seem quite difficult at first as this is the style of professional fund managers and is very different from what most people do in the market. After completing the course, you will be able to make a profit; but due to the lack of experience, you will not make that profit with optimal risk-return characteristics. That’s why each student can send me their questions regarding their positions within 6 months after completing the course and I’ll answer them absolutely for free.

Cost and length of classes: the standard program is designed for 12 hours or 6 two-hour classes and costs $90 per hour ($1080 total). In reality, however, it is more than 12 hours because I almost always give a little overtime of about half an hour (sometimes even up to an hour) for free. This is to make us feel comfortable and discuss everything regardless of the time limit. Depending on your initial trading background, the program can be expanded, but no more than to 7 two-hour classes. As the account comes out of drawdown, the course price will increase.

The course will pay off as soon as you make your first trade at the recommended account size.

Reviews of my Education Course are here. They are all real, you can write to each student and verify their authenticity.


Account Size

Minimum account size for trading: 5K USD via Interactive Brokers. With this, you will have fewer trades and a slightly worse risk/reward ratio.
Recommended account size for trading: 30-50K USD. This will allow you to take advantage of ~80% of the trading opportunities.
Ideal account size for trading: 400K USD and above. This will allow you to take advantage of 100% of the trading opportunities.


Recommended broker for trading: Interactive Brokers

After completing the course, you will no longer have to face the challenges of the market alone and can send me your trading situation, futures spread or portfolio at any time to get my analysis and recommendations.

In most cases, they will sell you a miserable group course record full of dubious information for over a thousand dollars, with about 60% of verbiage and explanations of what the futures are, how to buy a futures contract, and how you could have made $20K for a contract on this trade in 1986. Also, these people will never show you real trading statistics over several years. You can guess why.


In my course you’ll get

– Individual classes at the price of a pre-recorded video course without an advance payment. In addition, in the FREE introductory consultation, I will reveal to you the essence of the grail and how to beat the market without violating the efficient market hypothesis. Throughout the rest of the course, you will only learn the nuances and pitfalls of the practical execution of this trading approach.

– Full access to my entire methodology of analyzing and finding trading strategies. I share everything and reveal the full methodology of my work. After completing the Education Course everyone gets access to the channel where I post all my trades and recommendations to them. Additionally, you get access to the hidden low risk etf trading algorithms with annual return of 15-25%.

All trades and approaches analyzed in this course are traded by me with real money. I make it my policy not to teach strategies that are not traded in real accounts.

– The course structure is built in such a way that you can beat the market from the very first class. Each subsequent class contains strategies that build on the previous ones. The more classes are completed, the more stable the trading results, because the more strategies, the higher the diversification.

– All strategies are covered from the perspective of fundamental analysis. You will perfectly understand the nature of liquidity in the market that we make money on. And you will be sure that this liquidity will not disappear in the future.

– A low risk approach that provides a 25+% annual return and has huge potential to scale funds as we trade the most liquid markets. A private trader’s account of any size works effectively. You can put hundreds of thousands into the market without shifting the price by a tick.

The probability of margin calls and very severe drawdowns is 0.0% when the strategies are properly applied. We use an institutional risk management model, supplemented by a purchase of long-range options to protect against fat tail risk.

– A very little time-consuming trading approach. I personally spend no more than 30 minutes once a week performing all trading operations. Seriously.


Detailed Program of classes:

All complex math has been removed from the program as much as possible, and all strategies are broken into simple concepts. It’s always clear who is paying us and for what. I made this course as though for myself from ten years ago and took into account everything that had annoyed me in all the “guru” courses I’d taken myself.

1. How to beat the market using a simple buy-and-hold strategy. The fundamental justification of the defensive sectors factor beating the general market.

2. The main grail of investment portfolios, introduction to correlations and simple synthetic portfolios. The practice of building portfolios with much lower risk than in the general market and their correct backtesting.

3. Risk management practice by the standards of institutional companies. How to practically reduce margin call probability to 0.0% without reducing your profitability, including a broker bankruptcy scenario.

4. Optimizing Interest Rates. How to get a margin loan/a leverage and get paid while using it.

5. Portfolio hedging based on volatility mode, or how to beat the market with even less risk. Python-based backtesting practice.

6. The first grail of investment portfolios: correlation arbitrage of interest rates.

7. Building and backtesting complex synthetic portfolios that beat the market by 2x, with less risk than in the general market. A practical introduction to simple models of complex portfolios.

8. Introduction to futures. Where the money comes from. Who pays us and when, and why they will continue to do so in the future. The fundamental factors why large companies need to hedge risk.

9. The contango and backwardation market. How to easily determine that the price is good at the moment and that we will get paid in the future anyway.

10. How to trade anything against anything; the correct building of spreads and other synthetic instruments. Ratios, subtractions, baskets, optimal weights.

11. The definition of seasonality and its essence as an econophysics process. How it is formed and why it will not break. The drift of seasonal windows.

12. What markets we trade and their fundamental properties. Reasons for the seasonality of particular markets.

13. Introduction to the concept of intra-market and inter-market. Trading instruments against themselves in the future, as well as similar instruments against each other. Differences between these two approaches.

14. The second grail: the resonance of factors and its correct use.

15. The theory of asymmetric spreads; or how to make money on the spread that goes against us. One of the best spread trading opportunities.

16. Introduction to software for finding seasonality. An overview of all the necessary functions and how to use them correctly.

17. Principles of building and searching for seasonal patterns. Manual, automatic and hybrid search. The practice of searching for patterns.

18. Correct backtesting of seasonality and protection from overfitting parameters and understanding fundamental processes. Working with public statistics from the US Department of Energy.

19. Optimizing seasonal trades to maximize risk/reward per unit time. The practice of correct optimization processes.

20. Complex synthetic positions. From outright futures positions to butterflies and condors. The advantages and disadvantages of complex positions over simple positions.

21. Risk management of seasonality strategies. How to calculate the position size correctly. How to choose the desired spread volatility.

22. The list of strategies for outright futures and intramarket spreads.

23. Dynamic hedging as a tool for radical risk reduction. Understanding the principles of mean reversion through the risk mitigation model of major market participants.

24. A hybrid approach to trading inter-market spreads. How to avoid bad trades and increase the risk-reward ratio of the strategies.

25. Risk management of hybrid inter-market mean reversion spreads.

26. Using options to protect against fat tail risks or how to protect against “black swans”. Calculating optimal strikes and expirations.

27. The practice of building the first synthetic portfolio in a real brokerage account.

28. Ultimate arbitrage strategies that generate excellent risk/reward ratios. I call them “super spreads.”  The probability of generating income in such strategies is 90%+ with a risk/return ratio 3 times higher than in conventional spreads. Personally, I understood the principles of building such positions only after 2 years of continuous research and trading in this style.

29. Trading precious metals on front-running positions of large jewelry companies. A super-efficient trade with a 5-10% profit and a 90%+ probability of occurring once a year.


And you get all this material not in a pre-recorded video course, but in personal consultations. With broadcast of transactions and public statement! This is the best deal ever! I personally have never seen anything like it anywhere. Only here : )

Write me a message and we’ll schedule a convenient time for your free introductory consultation, where you’ll understand the essence of this approach even better.

Have a great day and good luck with your business!