The easiest way to beat the S&P500

Few people know it, but there is a really easy way to beat the profitability of America’s main index S&P500. The key property…

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Portfolio risk reduction x3

When I started trading futures a few years ago, I was obsessed with the idea of market neutrality. I was primarily trying to …

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The easiest trade in gasoline

A really easy trade in gasoline and energy carriers is generally based on seasonality from early February through May …

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Oil Trading Cheat Code

A really easy oil trade is based on the seasonality of oil production and refining from early October to early December …

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Celebrate precious metals

I used to not understand how it was possible to trade precious metals at all, except as part of a passive securities portfolio as an …

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easy Money in Natural gas

The idea is quite simple. From March to October, the consumption of natural gas is minimal, so starting in the spring, natural … 

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To put it simply, I use a wide array of uncorrelated premiums. Each premium individually is as simple and reliable as possible, based on solid fundamental …

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a green chart in the white background with 3 black boxes in it.


I’d like to give you a more detailed history of my trading over the last 3 years with illustrations. Detailed profitability statistics can be found here. There have …

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a grey wall with two plates of us treasury and a window between them

correlation in U.S. treasury bonds

When the economy is doing well and, as a result, securities indexes are also growing, the central bank raises the interest rate on issued loans to make more …

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No Need For ETF Indexes

No Need for ETF indexes anymore

I’ve been interested in securities for a very long time, and over the years I’ve learnt several key ideas from various sources: …

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